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Susie Walton

Susie Walton

About Susie

Susan Walton has long been a notable, highly respected breeder, trainer and competitor of Quarter horses. Her history with the breed spans 46 years.

Training Philosophy

I have been “in horses” all of my life. Mr grandfather took the Prof. Jesse Beery courses back in the early 1900′s and was my original teacher. I strongly believe in ground-work but prefer to finish horses rather than start them. I’m content to leave the breaking out to the young guys.

My fees are different than most trainers. The board money comes in with the horse and is billed out at 30 days. The training is on a day by day basis and the owner is only charged for the days the horse is actually worked. Training is billed out at the end of each 30 days. This format allows me to keep from feeling guilty if I miss a day on a horse and the owner doesn’t feel they are being cheated.

Assistant trainers are not part of my program. What you see is what you get. I will not string an owner along if I don’t feel I’m helping their horse. Conversely I may not tell an owner how good I think their horse is unless I’m sure I have enough vet wrap on hand to keep their head from swelling. Every horse learns at a different pace and filling a square peg into a round hole has never been part of my program.

Professional History

Susie has been competeing in horses shows since 1967. Venues such as AQHA, MQHA, NMQHA, NRHA, NCHA and special events such as the All American Quarter Horses Congress, Tulsa Holiday Circuit, North American in Louisville, KY, Michigan State Fair and others.

Susie was appointed NRHA Historian by then President Bob Loomis in 1981. She helped organize the Central Michigan Cutting Horse Association in 1981 and served as the first secretary and then later as President. She served on the board for MQHA for 23 years, Vice-President in 1984 and then 3 years as President, more than any other director other than Bryce McGuinnes Sr. who served 4 years. Susie was Horse Superintendant for the county fair and served on the Isabella Co. Fair Board for 13 years. She was also Youth Team Advisor for MQHA and was also honored as Mother of the Year by the MQHA youth.

She served as National director for NCHA, AQHA Youth, Membership and Marketing committees, Chairman of the AQHYA World Show. She has supported and promoted foundation horses long before a group was actually formed.

The Michigan Affiliate of the FQHR developed a 4 year futurity named the Breeder’s Classic. Lenas Tivitos Dani won the first four year program and Cowgirls Lena Doc(Goose) was Reserve. The end of the 2nd group was won by Barry Cee Tivitos. All were sired by Lenas Trey Tivitos. Peppy’s Princess Xena won the 3rd set. She was raised and trained by Susie and owned and shown by Nancy McGuirk

In 2011 the Michigan Affiliate developed a Hall of Fame. Lenas Trey Tivitos was the first horse inducted and Susie shared the “people honor” with FQHR owner and Past President of FQHR-MI Vicki Austin. Susie Walton FQHR HALL OF FAME LINK

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